Call for Speakers


XRPL Apex is a great way to get to know the XRPL community and share your ideas and the work that you are doing on the XRP Ledger. We’re looking for talks that speak to a wide variety of audiences, at any level.

  • All speakers are required to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
  • Panel submissions must include the names of all participants in the initial submission to be considered. XRP Ledger Apex believes in the value of dynamic view point speaker engagements and, as such, prioritizes diverse panel submissions including mixed company, genders, and beyond.
  • Complimentary Passes For Speakers – One complimentary pass for the event will be provided for each accepted speaker.
  • All accepted speakers are required to submit their slides prior to the event in powerpoint format.
Submit a Session

Your session title will be the main point of reference for attendees to decide if they want to attend your talk, so choose it carefully. The title should accurately reflect the content of your talk. Please use title case when inputting your title.

In the session description, take full advantage of the opportunity to pitch your talk to the program committee. Emphasize the problem, contribution, and relevance of your session. If selected, your session will appear on the agenda, so please ensure that it is free of grammar and spelling errors, uses complete sentences, and is written in the third person.

Use this opportunity to elaborate on why your presentation is important and why attendees should care. Explain how your content will benefit the XRPL ecosystem or share any other relevant information that will make your session stand out amongst the others.

Inspire hundreds of projects and meet innovative people.